Welcome one and all to the official Organic Forest City website! We are a small scale, sustainable, bio-intensive, organic, urban farming family, rooted in London’s east end, This is where we have been living and growing much of our own food organically since 2013.

How to Order our Seeds & Sprouts
Request to pick up seeds or have them delivered. We do not contribute to rising CO2 level’s, just one of the many causes of the green house effect and global warming. How do we do it?

  1. We DO NOT Ship Products Online –  In an effort to further our goal of reversing our family’s small scale urban farm as being true;y sustainable we have chosen to not ship produce, seeds, sprouts or any other products.  Under certain circumstances we may make exceptions to this rule i.e. A farmer experiencing a seed shortage, Canadian customers in rural areas who are having a hard time sourcing similiar products. If we’ve declined your order we will make every effort to put you into contact with your foremost local supplier.
  2. We d

We do not drive vehicles powered by a combustion engine. Instead our family has denounced conventional gas powered vehicles and now our main mode of transport is by bivyvle. Business delivery’s are also made by bicycle. Please feel free to browse a full list of seeds available this 2016 year below on this page. You can find more information about our seeds, as well as growing instructions by browsing the top bar menu. If you have a comments or questions, or would like to place an order, you can do so by using the contact forms found on the contact us page. Alternatively you can give us a call @ 519-697-7252, or by email ccourtis@organicforestcity.com to place your order.

Thank You
Colin J. Courtis

Organic Forest City
Owner/ Manager


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Organic Certified,

Open-pollinated Herb Seeds

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Legend – Seed (sds), Back-ordered (BO) Organic Certified (OC), Open-pollinated (OP), Organic Hybrid (F1)

All herb seeds are $3.00 a pack. One (1) free package of herb, flower, or vegetable seeds, or one (1) specialty seed of your choice, with purchase of any 10 seed packs. All seeds are organic certified, and open-pollinated (unless specified).

Free monthly seed starting charts can be downloaded as either a PDF file or as an ,ods file. We have also decided to provide annual updates on moon phases based on our location. For those who are interested here are the Moon Phases for the Forest City – 2016 as PDF or ,odt files, It includes information such as when each new moon, first quarter moon, full moon, and third quarter moon will be, as well as duration time of each cycle and special moon events.


Genovese 200 sds

Cinnamon 200 sds
Lemon 100 sds

Sweet Thai 100 sds

Rosie (Red Basil) 100 sds
Italian Large Leaf 200 sds

Sacred 100 sds


Bouquet 200 sds


Italian Flat-leaf 100 sds


Common Organic Oregano 50 sds


Santo 100 sds


Satureja Hortensis 300 sds BO


Thymus vulgaris 200 sds

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Organic Certified,

Open-pollinated Vegetables Seeds

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All Vegetable seeds are $3.00 a pack. One (1) free package of herb, flower, or vegetable seeds, or one (1) speciality seed of your choice, with purchase of any 10 seed packs. All seeds are organic certified, and open-pollinated (unless specified).


Strike 50 sds


Windsor Broad 50 sds


Early Wonder Tall Top 100 sds


Scarelet Nantes 500 sds


Vates ( Barssica napus) 200 sds


Romaine ” Parris Island Cos” 300 sds

Butterhead “Pirat” 100 sds

Evergreen Hardy Bunching/ Prolific Onions 50 sds


Jalapeño “ Early Jalapeño” 20 sds


Lady Godiva pumpkin grown by us, that is being prepared by Elizabeth for pumpkin pie.
Lady Godiva pumpkin grown by us, that is being prepared by Elizabeth for pumpkin pie.





Lady Godiva Before Dawn
Lady Godiva pumpkin growing in our backyard 2015. This one was hanging about 8 ft up from the ground, it grew spanning the edge of gazebo roof.

Lady Godiva Hull-less * NOT OC. This is an OP, sustainably produced by us!* 10 sds


Brandy Wine Heirloom Beefsteak 20 sds

Rutgers Medium All Purpose 20 sds

Bellestar Paste Tomato Ontario Bred 20 sds

Chadwick’s Cherry Tomato 20 sds


Organic Green Tomatillo 40 sds

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Flower Seeds

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All flower seeds are $3.00 a pack. One (1) free package of herb, vegetable, or flower seeds or one (1) speciality seed of your choice with purchase of 10 packs. All seeds are organic certified, and open-pollinated (unless specified).

All of the flower seeds offered this year have been grown by us, sustainably and organically (without pesticides, herbicides, synthetic fertilizer). Seeds are fresh, harvested from plants last fall that grew in homemade compost, worm castings, and irrigated with rain water. This is how we grow all of our produce.

best blue bread seed

Blue Bread Seed Poppy * NOT OC. This is an OP, sustainably produced by us!*

approx 50 sds ( Parent seeds were organic certified, and had been purchased online from hawthorn farms.)

white rose of sharon


White Rose of Sharon *Not OC. OP variety produced locally and sustainably by us!*

aprrox 250 sds ( Parent seeds were collected from plants in our yard that have been growing here organically since we moved in over 5 years ago.)

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Speciality Seeds

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The following speciality seeds are $1 each, organic certified and open-pollinated(unless specified).


Spaghetti Winter Squash

Benning’s Green Tint Patty Pan Summer Squash

Verte et Jaune Patty Pan Summer Squash


Yellow Moon and Stars Watermelon

Siberian Watermelon

Organic Caribbean Gold F1 Melon $2.00 each

A brief note about Open-pollinated plants vs F1 Hybrids

Open-pollinated reproduce in one of two ways. One method is cross-pollination ( Pollinated by another plant of the same variety). One of the most important things to remember about cross pollination is that parent plants must be from the same species in order to successfully cross and pollinate one another. A good example of a plant that reproduces in this way are Tomatillo’s. This is a plant that can only produce fruit, and set seed once plants have been pollinated by a another neighbouring Tomatillo.Another example of open-pollinated variety’s are those who are self fertile. These plants contain both the male and female reproductive systems in a single plant, and therefore do not require any other plants to pollinate and set fruit, such plants include beans and tomato’s. Keep plants separate from other plants they can cross by building growing natural barriers, that will attract, and distract pollinators from other plants of the same species through out the yard. “True to type” are plants that resemble their parents, and are what you will end up with if you follow these simple instructions.

F1’s are hybrids. Hybrids are a cross between two variety’s to produce a variety with specific characteristics of each parent plant. These seeds are usually not recommended for saving. The reason being that these seeds usually end up displaying genetics of both parents, and may end up being something much different then what you are expecting. You can often come up with new variety’s of plants this way, by saving the seeds of the fruit with the most desirable characteristics, year after year.

Website Guide:

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